5 African Countries You Don't Want to Miss

With Black Pride taking over the world, we can't forget to show love to the motherland. Set aside those trips to Europe check out these 5 African Countries. 

1. Botswana

Hippos, elephants, and leopards are all over this magical country. Bostwana has various environmental conservations for the animal lovers looking to experience wildlife in their safe and natural habitat. 

2. Gambia

Off the coast of Africa, tucked under Senegal is the beautiful country of Gambia. Here you will find some gorgeous beaches like Brufut and Cape Point to rock your bikinis


3. Ethiopia 

First off get you some shiro! Ethiopia is rich in history and archaeological sights. You'll want to snaps some pics in front of Fasilides Castle and the Simien Mountains.

4. Seychelles

This eastern island is home to even more beaches you don't want to miss. With some neighboring territories, you can island hop to explore all the country has to offer.  


5. Malawi

If you're adventurous, Malawi is the place for you. Surround yourself with wildlife and stunning lakes as you go hiking and kayking to spice up your vacation. 


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